Corporate Governance

For Samudera Indonesia, Good Corporate Governance (GCG) are the principles that maintain the course for all aspect of the Company, from operational, financial up to human resource matters, in order to ensure that the power and authority entrusted to the Company properly accountable to the shareholders

Corporate Governance Policy


The GCG principles are reflected in the slogan “TARIF” which includes:

  • Transparency, decision making within an open process aligned with any relevant materials regarding the Company’s performance.
  • Accountability, implementation, clarity of function, as well as the accountability of corporate governance instruments so that the management of the Company can be run effectively in accordance with the vision and mission.
  • Responsibility, the Company’s compliance with the regulations and laws of the government professionally managed without conflict of interest and pressure from other parties.
  • Independency, the management of the business activities carried out in a professional manner without any conflict of interest and pressure from any party, which is not in accordance with applicable laws and the principles of healthy corporate governance.
  • Fairness, justice and equality in fulfilling the rights of the shareholders based on agreements and legislation that have been enforced.

GCG Internalization within the Company

The implementation of GCG and all its measures is manifested through the daily activities of the Company, which include procurement procedures, implementation of business strategy, activities in operations, finance and marketing as well as other business activities that support the Company’s performance.

In performing its duties and functions the Company will continue to withhold principles of GCG, company philosophy and business ethics, inline with the interests of the shareholders.