Company is also fully aware that its existence shall provide benefits not only to shareholders but also to various stakeholders such as local communities, environment, employees, and the customers.

To promote harmonious and mutually supportive relationships between the Company and the local communities, the Company employs Corporate Social Responsibility programs as sustainable commitment to diverse stakeholders.

The Company considers that long-term, sustainable CSR commitments are able to develop communities and deliver greater value to stakeholders, especially those living close to Company’s operational areas. Synergy and cooperation of all business units involving various divisions and branchers are required to execute this.

CSR Policy

In general, Company policy on CSR implementation rely on on six areas: aid for natural disaster victims, religious activities, environmental preservation and health quality improvement, education facilities improvement, community development, and public infrastructure development.

Going forward, the Company will synchronize its CSR activities with the subsidiaries so the program will be more developed by empowering local communities. Besides in social field and local community empowerment, the CSR program is expected to be able to fulfill company’s responsibility in the field of environment, customers and employment, health and safety environment more proportionally.