The Company is committed to implement all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in its operational area. HSE implementation also plays a crucial role in an effort to become a world-class end-to-end cargo tranportation and logistics provider


Samudera Indonesia is fully aware that to ensure the health and safety of employees is an important point that must not be overlooked. The Company issued 10 basic principles of safety policy that must be adhered to by all employees as a form of commitment to the implementation of HSE. The Company continues to organize periodic training for all employees, including the basic safety to the person in charge of HSE in every business unit, basic firefighting & evacuation, defensive driving course, dangerous good handling and risk assessment. In addition, the Company has obtained several certification, including management system for occupational health and safety (SMK3) and OHSAS 18001. One of the ultimate goal is to achieved zero accident.


The Company has Emergency Response Teams located at business unit, whose member consist of a combination between employees who have receive relevant training as well as external parties, such as firefighters, SAR team or the police. The Company always maintained good communication with these external parties so that every emergency situations can be handled optimally.


HSE Policy (Bahasa Version).pdf                                         HSE Policy (English Version).pdf