Third Party Logistics

To extend its service coverage inside and outside the country, Samudera Indonesia actively establishes subsidiaries across Indonesia, Asia, and Middle East. Through these subsidiaries, the Company offers a diverse range of third party logistics services under Samudera Third Party Logistics. Samudera Third Party Logistics offers variousĀ  logistics solution from the simple to complex ones which encompass general freight forwarding, door to door transportation, customs handling and other formalities in integrated logistics services.

Below is our subsidiaries providing services in third party logistics business:

  • PT Silkargo Indonesia
  • Silkargo Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • PT Maruzen Samudera Taiheiyo
  • PT KCTC Samudera Logistics
  • Samudera Logistics DWC LLC
  • Samudera Cargo Services LLC